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In Eastern and Central Europe the IV 68 profile windows are most popular. Such windows fully meet heat insulation requirements.

The IV 78 profile has better heat insulation because it is 10 mm thicker (the width is 78 mm) than IV 68 profile. IV 78 softline profile is stiffer than IV 68 profile. It is a new generation profile having bigger rounding on the corners. Due to this feature the colouring of the product is easier and the quality is better. It also provides better protection from water and dirt collection and the product looks better.

An LTP type window profile consist of normal cross-section jamb and two coupled casings. The inner casing is glazed with sealed unit and the outer casing is glazed with glass. The windows of such type have better heat and sound insulation properties.

All European type windows can be produced with installed air vents and protective girds from mosquitoes. 

The IV 68 and IV 78 window profiles can be covered with aluminum covers if requested. These covers protect the wooden part of the window from atmospheric influence. It is easy to install jalousie between coupled LTP type window casements.

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