Production process.

This is a description of a manufacturing process of a timber window. 

Three-layered glued cants and bulky pine timber are used for the production of windows. Windows are produced by using equipment manufactured by the company Michael Weining AG and tools are manufactured by Leitz GmbH Co. 

Production of the wooden part of the window:

1. Cross-cutting (the cant is cut according to the specified length).

2. Planning, calibration (planning to the exact thickness with hydraulic planning heads). When processing the surface of timber with hydraulic planning heads, the cleanliness of the surface obtained is 0.003÷0.0005 mm. This operation can be repeated several times in the course of production, if the cleanliness of the processed has deteriorated; the wood-working machine specially intended for the purpose should be used. High quality of the machined surface is obtained: the timber is not pressed, and the pores are open. It provides for high-quality impregnation of timber, as the impregnating agent penetrates deep into the open pores of timber, fills them up; this ensures long-term protection of timber from dote.

3. Tenoning and gluing the cants of the frame and the casing with water-resistant Class D4 glue according to the German standard DIN68 602.

4. Calibration of the outer profile.

5. Grooving for handles and other fittings.

6. Preparation for finishing (puttying, grinding, making sets of glass plinths and other wooden parts), and full quality control of preparation of the wooden part for finishing operations.


 For the finishing company TEKNOS™ impregnating, priming and painting systems are used. These penetrate deep into the timber and reliably protect it from the negative external impact. The large variety of paints and varnishes enables obtaining the required colour while preserving the beauty of the timber. We use environmentally-friendly paint which pose no harm to people. Products may be painted in all RAL colour palette colours, coated with colourless paint retaining wood texture, stained and varnished.

The inner part and the outer part of the wooden window can be painted in different ways:

  • lacquer both sides
  • lacquer one side and RAL colour other side
  • RAL colour both sides
  • different RAL colours on each side


We use PILKINGTON™ and SAINT GOBAIN™ polished glass for single or double LOW-E glazing units. Offered glazing types:

  • noise resistant;
  • tinted, reflective;
  • laminated, toughened;
  • fire resistant;
  • self-cleaning;
  • stained.

Glazing units are sealed with special gaskets and silicon.

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