Materials / Wood


One could hardly argue that wood is one of the best building materials because of its ecological and building characteristics. It is one of the few renewable resources, essential for living. Not without reason it is called a "green gold". Green Peace organization recomends just timber windows (it takes 6 times less energy to produce a timber window than a UPVC one). What speaks for timber windows:

  • thermal insulation (K=1.4 - 1.6 W/m2K)
  • noise insulation (with special glazing class 6 is achieved)
  • fire resistance (glazed with fire resistant glass it achieves 90 min. level, class F)
  • that's the most durable material
  • lower long run maintenance costs
  • simpler maintenance (easier to clean, fix, etc.)
  • causes no harm to environment

Pine and oak is timber we use as standard for windows manufacturing, but if customer desires Mahogany, Larch and other kinds of wood can be used as well.

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